Can You Improve Lead Generation Conversion? Interview with Paul Lawton

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There are a more methods than ever before for lead generation through digital marketing innovations.  The question for businesses is which ones to take?

With new technology there can be a division between early adopters and those more reluctant to embrace change, as Paul Lawton, Commercial Director of Chat Heroespoints out.

“The risk is that businesses wait too long to decide, and lose their competitive advantage in the process. What should happen is that they build new methods for lead generation into the activity they are already undertaking.”

The Benefits of Live Chat

If businesses understand that the value of a website lies in it being an effective marketing tool, as well as a brand-building one, then there are certain logical steps they can take in embracing new forms of lead generation.

“There is considerable power and potential in being able to interact with your customers online, in real time, through your website”

Paul Lawton, Chat Heroes

It also allows businesses to build the kind of personal connections with website visitors that they would otherwise not be able to do digitally.

What makes live chat so effective?

“It offers a very visible, quick and easy way for visitors, prospects and customers to connect to you. There’s no phoning or waiting involved, and they don’t have to compose an email then wait for a response. It fills a communication gap.”

Faster Response Times

Live chat helps real people. Its power is in being able to solve problems and answer queries for website visitors without anyone being on call.

“Faster response times mean more leads. The opportunities to make contact with a lead decrease rapidly as response times increase.”

“The internet offers people instant access, but this filters through to their ongoing expectations where, if they make an enquiry, they do not want to wait around for a response”

Paul Lawton, Chat Heroes

“Again, it’s about not waiting too long.”

“You don’t want your potential leads to wait too long for you, but nor should you be waiting too long to try out live chat.”

Cost Effective Conversions

Increasingly, live chat is becoming the preferred channel for customer service. It should make sense for businesses to install it as a system.

However, what if they do not have the in-house resources to do this, or indeed the time to spend setting it up?  The answer is to outsource it.

“Outsourcing your live chat to a trusted provider is a cost effective means for SMEs to take full advantage of this means of boosting their conversions,” Paul concludes. “It functions like a plug-in extension to a business’s core activity, bolstering its digital marketing activity and customer services.”

The North East England Chamber of Commerce has been using Chat Heroes’ live chat service for the past two years.

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