It takes only 8 seconds for users to decide wether to engage or not on your website
It is 7x cheaper to retain an existing customer than aquire one
The average person already receives 88 business emails a day
85% of people say they completely or somewhat trust recommendations from people they know
Personalized promotional mailings has 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates

A Story That Needs to Be Told ...

We bring together basic ideas with vision, creativity with design craft and then we create the Brand. We create whole truly authentic brands. We believe that the world is a far more interesting place when creative minds can run free and bring to life something that no one has ever seen before. Your business or product needs to stand out as today's world is not only extremely competitive but is also exceptionally fast pace. To us, it is all about the journey, understanding and defining your brand's essence and promise.

We work with you to identify the Unique Selling Points (USP) of your business, the image you have created thus far and then we rebuild or completely build from scratch a brand that connects and engages with its audience. We give the Brand an authentic voice, a personality, a look and a feel. At veedoomedia we create the full range of brand communications. We touch all the important aspects of a successful brand image, from naming, logo creation and its identity all the way through to print, digital, social, and corporate communications.

Solid tactical foundations and careful brand management ensures that we continuously add value and lead your business forward. Combined with innovative design and digital marketing knowledge, veedoomedia creates authentic brand experiences that connect to heart and mind while bringing about tangible results. Together we will build a brand which will withstand the test of time and beat your competition all at once. Big or small, local or global, we use good ideas and good intentions to create relevant brands in an ever evolving scene of the digital world.


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