Over 1 billion people are on YouTube
YouTube is now the 2nd biggest search engine after Google
YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-34 than any other cable network
By 2018, over 71% of all web traffic will come from videos and in the next decade 90% of all internet traffic will be video content
48% of people who have a mobile phone use it to watch videos
Internet users spend 240 million hours every month watching online video content

Start Optimizing for Real People ...

Video Marketing is a brand new kind of optimization which is far more effective than traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Getting traffic from any search engine free search results is now harder than ever and it doesn't quite work anymore without substantial efforts. Search engines have changed how they rank their search results continuously, now focusing more on human engagement factors, like Responsive Websites or interaction for example. Another reason, the Google search volume is now, for the first time in history, seeing a decline as people spend more of their time online on other highly engaging content and social sites like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. If you are still trying to get search traffic the old way it is now even harder for less of the traffic pie.

The new optimization secret for generating torrents of free traffic to your website from Google, YouTube and Social Media platforms is Video Marketing. By creating content that engages your target audience you will effortlessly build the awareness, and, more importantly, the trust. Content marketing creates the greatest impact on marketing.


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